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The author is an M.Phil scholar conducting her thesis in Literature. As a sucker for literature, she swoons over Greek and South Asian fiction while reviewing books in her spare time. Her love for writing has made her expand her subject matter and now she pens her opinions frequently on finance, lifestyle, history, and literature. For a special connection with entrepreneurship, she opens up the details occasionally about it.

What is Entrepreneurship Development?

Dwelling into the learning mechanism of entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship has developed into a new business trend all around the global world. Many people are attracted towards...

What are the different types of Entrepreneurship?

Peeking into the basics of entrepreneurship No one can deny the significance of entrepreneurship for it has become a crucial part of the global economy....

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Diving into the idea of Entrepreneurship for a cause Entrepreneurship today is not just embraced as an idea or a random concept about self-sufficiency through...

How to start your business as a teenager or a kid?

An interactive guide to help the young entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship is becoming a way of life. It has not only changed the thought pattern but has...

What is an Intrapreneur?

Identifying the boundaries between traditional corporate culture and modern entrepreneurship There is no doubt in the fact that entrepreneurship has changed our perception of business...

What is the role of an Entrepreneur?

Sketching out the duties of an entrepreneur in the entrepreneurial world It is believed that with great authority comes great responsibility as well. Many of...

What makes an Entrepreneur?

What makes an Entrepreneur? Some useful tips and tricks for all the budding entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship is often looked at as the future of the world...

What is the best definition of Entrepreneurship?

What is the best definition of Entrepreneurship? Things to look for when you enter the Entrepreneurship Maze Entrepreneurship over time has taken many forms like...

What is the Need of Entrepreneurship?

Why is Entrepreneurship necessary? Significance of Entrepreneurship in the digital era Today Entrepreneurship is accepted with open and wide arms. Every other person wants to...

What is Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship? A Detailed Guide about the Most Eminent Subject of the Business Town. As the corporate sector becomes stiffer for many of us...